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Sunday, October 02, 2022

So you want to contact Exweeto?

I welcome communication from anyone with the following agendas:

  • Genuine questions about any of the articles on this site.
  • Genuine requests for information on the services that I can offer (e.g. penetration testing, website hosting, bespoke training, IT/network support or management, etc.)
  • Genuine submissions of articles that you would like me to consider for inclusion as standalone articles on the site or as part of one of my blog articles, especially it you feel these would help others.
  • Genuine submissions of links that relate directly to any of the topics on this site and which, in your opinion, would be helpful to others who might be browsing or searching this site.
  • Genuine corrections of any content on the site (e.g. typos, incorrect references, etc.)
  • Genuine concerns about any link that I already have on the site (e.g. if the link now includes content that is unrelated to the section it is included in, or the site linked to has been discontinued... I don't check all the links on my site all the time, so your genuine concerns can be useful to give me a "heads up" to potential problems!)
  • Genuine job offers, if you think that some or all of my varied skill set would dovetail well with a position you have available (or are willing to establish for my benefit)... if I can be of help to you, your organisation or your company, and you are prepared to pay me a genuinely fair wage for the genuine work you'd require of me, be it permanent, temporary or contract, I'd always be genuinely interested to hear from you!

Did you notice one word that found its way into all of the above? That's it... GENUINE!! I will NOT enter into ANY conversations with ANYONE if their sole intention is to negatively criticise, pull down, attack or ridicule any article or me personally. If I have said something in an article that you don't agree with, or that you think I've gotten wrong, feel free to let me know your thoughts in a civil manner, but also feel free to move on from this site if your sole intent is merely to pick an argument with me. I'm obviously open to genuine correction, but I'm not open to vitriolic attack!

Send a message!

“If I had eight hours to chop down a tree, I'd spend the first six of them sharpening my axe.”

Abraham Lincoln

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