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Oh goody! Another random site containing tech-geek stuff! Ja, well this site isn't really meant for you... it's for my own benefit, being merely a collection of IT-related odds and ends that I need or have needed in the past and may need again in the future and don't want to forget. A lot of it is linkage - links break when sites go under, so don't blame me if you are using this site and a link doesn't take you where you expect (you could always let me know!) Other parts of the site are documents or just blurb or scripts or whatnot that I have plonked here so that I don't forget it and can (hopefully) find it in the future. You are welcome to use this site, but do so at your own risk! I take no responsibility for a script or method failing on you, especially if you don't deem it prudent to backup your work/site/database first. If you want to contact me do it here... if your intention is to flame me, do it here.

Oh yes, if you are looking for the site that used to be at this URL (Devarim, my Christianesque blog), it has moved in its entirety to (and I have resolved to actually start adding stuff there too!)

Friday, July 21, 2017


Author: ExWeeto

TurboDNN is part of a set of SQL scripts for improving the performance and stability of websites running on DNN Platform.

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Categories: CMS, DNN, Database, MSSQL


Monday, March 21, 2016

DNN SQL Database Housekeeping

Checking table sizes and truncating log files

Author: ExWeeto

Here are some key methods for keeping your DNN database (MS SQL Server) tidy.

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Categories: CMS, DNN, Database, MSSQL


Saturday, September 05, 2015

Copy a Table from One Database to Another on Different Clients

Author: Exweeto

I wanted to copy the contents of a table of links from one database to another. Both databases are hosted on the cloud-based hosting platform where I host all my sites; they are the backends of DNN instances. Problem is, while I can access my databases from my local machine using MS SQL Server Management Studio (SMS), and I can connect to each database concurrently, I could not find any way to use standard SQL commands to copy the content of a table in one database to an equivalent table in another; it came up with permissions problems no matter what I tried. Here is my solution; there are probably other solutions (e.g. export to CSV, import CSV), and some may be better, but this is how I did it!

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Categories: Database, MSSQL


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