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Published on Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Upgrading TNG

TNG is built using PHP and MySQL. My web hosting account allows me to manage both the file structure and the database, and allows for full backups to be taken at any time. Following are the steps that I follow when carrying out an upgrade:

    • Backup tables and structure in TNG admin.
    • Download the backed up files to my local machine.
    • Backup the MySQL database and the full site in my hosting control panel.
  2. Download the upgrade. Upgrades are not available from the TNG site (, but are only available to registered users, with the link to the software and the access credentials sent via email.
  3. Extract the downloaded zip file on my local machine.
  4. Check that the site is backed up!!!
  5. Open the readme file in the extracted file set.
  6. Double-check the backup!!!!
  7. Follow the instructions in the readme. The following is a summary, which is correct at the time of writing this, but may change in the future, so be sure to follow the actual instructions in the readme:
    • Upload the files to the root directory of the site, overwriting existing files with the same name.
    • Upload the templates folder too (in my case). In fact, I can just upload it at the same time as the above step.
    • Clear the browser cache. (Worth doing!)
  8. I then need to fix the following files (if they've been overwritten by the upgrade):
    • getperson.php
    • newacctform.php
    • js/users.js

That should be all. The site should now fire up normally.

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